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Program Development Grant

International Program Grant
Application Guidelines for Program Development

Eligibility and Expectations
International Program Grants (IPGs) are competitive grants available to full-time faculty (tenured, tenure-track, continuing contract) to travel independently from May through August to develop new international study programs in collaboration with Global Learning staff.  IPGs are primarily designed to engender new 25-35 day programs.  They may be used to develop new semester and yearlong programs in cooperation with other Concordia faculty and with the Director for Global Learning.  IPGs do not fund Exploration Seminar development. Applicants may apply for grants up to $3,000.  Grant awards may be smaller (by request or decision of the Global Education Committee).  Faculty may use supplemental funding of their own when travel and development costs exceed $3,000.

IPG applications are received and approved by the Global Education Committee.  The funding cycle follows the fiscal calendar of the College (May-April).  Global Education Committee acts upon IPG applications on a rolling basis from September through February until allocated funds are exhausted.  Unfunded applications may be re-submitted.  Funding priority will be given to first-time applicants.  Successful grant applications will advance the College’s commitments to quality and affordability.  They will advance the College’s global education philosophy, liberal learning goals, and pedagogical practices.

IPG recipients will be funded for 14-21 days of travel.  Prior to travel, faculty meet with the Director for Global Learning and the Assistant Director for Study Away to consider objectives and tasks for new program development.  After travel, they will submit a narrative report to Global Learning and are expected to offer a new international study program within 24 months.  Faculty may apply for a second IPG once they have fulfilled commitments to the first IPG.

Grants Application Elements
Applications should include the following in a 1000-word narrative:

  1. Faculty information: name, department, teaching responsibilities, research interests, and other relevant information.
  2. Travel abroad and international education experience: personal travel and study abroad experiences, international education professional development experiences, and study abroad teaching duties at Concordia and other professional settings.
  3. Case statement for grant: origins and significance of proposal, envisioned international study program, learning goals, program activities and traits, travel objectives and goals for the grant, expected follow-up.
  4. Detailed itinerary and budget: travel dates and destinations, airline and other transportation, visa, medical expenses, housing, food, communication, honoraria, etc. 
  5. Signature lines: applicant, department chair, Director for Global Learning, chair of Global Education Committee.
  6. Please send a hard copy to Lorentzsen 120 and an electronic copy to the Director for Global Learning.