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Deadlines and Definitions

Deadlines and Definitions

Exploration Seminars 
- Faculty-led seminars embedded in a Concordia academic course (comprised of participants and non-participants) designed to enrich the learning of all.  This week-long experience takes place over fall or spring break.
May Programs - An term that catagorizes May Seminars, Summer School Abroad, Summer Field Studies, and Summer Research Abroad.
May Seminar - Offered since 1968 and are signature short-term study away options because they are a faculty-led travel seminar integrated with a required preparatory course.  Students depart the Tuesday after graduation for a 25-day experience.
Summer School Abroad - Immersion seminars of faculty and students studying a Concordia course in a classroom abroad supplemented with experiential learning.  Seminars depart in May or June and are typically one month long.
Summer Field Studies - Small, investigative, faculty-led study seminars undertaking original inquiry.  Seminars depart in May or June and are typiclaly one month long.
Summer Research Abroad -Enable students to do individual and independent research with scholars and institutions abroad, assisted by on-campus faculty supervision.
Semester and Year-long Programs - Continuous long-term study in more than 30 locations around the world, including both independent study and faculty-led programs with on-campus advisers and departmental linkages.
Music Ensemble Tours - Month-long summer tours of principal choral and instrumental ensembles to various countries offered on a rotating schedule.  Contact the Music Department for specifics at (218)299-4414.
Global Cooperative Education and Student Teacher Placement - Individualized and approved credit-bearing placements for students seeking global work experience.  For more information on cooperative education, contact the Career Center at (218)299-3492.  For information on student teaching abroad contact the Education Department at (218)299-3910.

Study Abroad - Programs that take place outside the United States.
Study Away - Programs that take place abroad or domestically that are 50 miles or more away from Concordia College.

Enclave - Students are required to travel on a group airline ticket(s) during the academic program.  For this reason, air tickets will be purchased by Global Learning.  These are programs that have a Faculty Leader who will be with the students for all or part of the program.
Independent - Students who take part in an independent program travel by themselves or in a small group to the program site.  For this reason, it is the responsibility of the student to purchase his/her own airline ticket.  Some programs have a Faculty Advisor.  They advise the students about the program, but do not travel with the students during their program.

  Global Learning Expo Program Interest Meetings One-on-One Meetings Meet with Your Advisor
Exploration Seminars (Spring)* Mid-late Sept. Late Sept.-early Oct. Late Sept.-mid-Nov. (with Faculty Leader) Optional
May Programs    Mid-late Sept. Late Sept.-early Nov. Late Sept.-mid-Nov. (with Faculty Leader) Optional
Fall Semester/
Academic Year
Mid-late Sept. Early Oct.- early Nov. Sept.-early Nov. (with advisor of the program) Early Sept.-early Nov.
Spring Semester/
Calendar Year
Mid-late Sept. Late Jan.- mid-Feb. Oct.-early Feb. (with advisor of the program) Late Sept.-mid-Feb.
*Please speak with Global Learning for more information regarding Fall Exploration Seminars.  218-299-3927

Deadlines stay consistent each year 
Yearly Application Deadlines for
Study Away
Application & 1st Deposit Deadline Decision Date 2nd
Full Payment Due Last Day to Withdraw with Full Refund
Exploration Seminars
November 15th
Rolling Admissions N/A January 15th November 15th
May Programs November 15th
Rolling Admissions January 15th 
April 15th December 1st
Summer  November 15th
Rolling Admissions N/A Concordia Summer Tuition Bill  January 31st

Fall Semester
November 15th
Rolling Admissions N/A Concordia Fall
Tuition Bill
January 31st
Full Academic Year November 15th
Rolling Admissions N/A Concordia Fall & Spring Tuition Bill January 31st

Spring Semester 
March 15th
Rolling Admissions N/A Concordia Spring Tuition Bill April 15th
*Please speak with Global Learning for more information regarding Fall Exploration Seminars.  218-299-3927