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Motor Vehicles

Traveling with Motor Vehicles

You are covered by the Concordia-provided insurance if you are injured in a car or bus accident.  However, you are NOT covered if you are injured in an accident if riding or driving a two-wheeled machine with a motor.  Injuries sustained during accidents involving motorcycles, mopeds, motor-bikes, scooters, or anything of the kind is not covered.

It is highly discouraged for Concordia students to rent cars while on their away program.  Traffic laws, signs, driving customs, and temperment may be different to what you are used to at home.  However, if you do choose to rent a car, it is required that you purchase the basic insurance for the duration of the rental period.   Your Concordia-provided insurance state that, "When renting a vehicle, coverage MUST ALWAYS BE PURCHASED from the rental company. Coverage shown is NOT primary and does NOT comply with individual countries legal requirements."