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September 22, 2020

We have finished round one of our program review, and have made the difficult decision to cancel the following programs for the spring 2021. This decision was not easy and many factors were taken into to account, including but not limited to: border closures, status of US embassy services, program start dates, number of programs/country.

Canceled programs:Australia-University of the Sunshine Coast*

  • Chile-USAC Santiago
  • China-Sichuan International Studies University
  • Cuba-Spanish Studies Abroad*
  • Germany-Federation exchange
  • Japan-USAC Nagasaki
  • Netherlands-USAC the Hague
  • New Zealand-USAC Massey University
  • South Korea-USAC Yonsei University
  • Spain-Spanish Studies Abroad (Seville and Alicante)
  • UK/England-London

*Partner cancelled program as well

We now begin our next level in assessing program feasibility for spring 2021.

If your program is on the list above, you have the opportunity to switch programs to one of the following still under consideration. This does not guarantee the program will not be canceled in the future or require some adjustments to the advertised program. If you would like to change programs, please contact me as soon as possible.

Programs under consideration

  • Costa Rica-International Center for Development Studies
  • Egypt-American University of Cairo
  • France-International Business (business program)
  • France-University of Tours (language program)
  • Germany-USAC
  • Ireland-National University of Ireland-Galway
  • Italy-Lorenzo de'Medici
  • Spain-Segovia
  • UK-Liverpool Hope University
  • USA-Lutheran College Washington Semester

August 6th, 2020

US Department of State has rescinded the Worldwide Level 4 Travel Advisory.


June 16, 2020- Fall 2020 study away update

Today information was sent out to our fall 2020 participants regarding the cancellation of our international study abroad programs. This decision stems in part from current advisories of the U.S. Department of State and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  Since the middle of March, these agencies have advised Americans they should avoid non-essential travel anywhere in the world because of the coronavirus pandemic.  The college respects these advisories and cancelled all Spring 2020 programs for this reason.  Unfortunately, these advisories persist, and there is no way to know whether and when they will be lifted this summer.  If they are lifted in coming days, that will be encouraging news about the pandemic.  However, this change will not warrant re-opening programs, which points to the second consideration for the college’s decision.

Over the last month, we have created new risk mitigation norms for travel and study away that follow the principles and practices the college will use to re-open in the fall.  These norms, consistent with guidelines of Minnesota Department of Health and CDC, set high standards for college life and operations.  Students traveling and studying abroad deserve the same due care and diligence we are according students on our home Moorhead campus.  Unfortunately, it is too early in the pandemic for the college to vet programs abroad adequately and to offer you an experience as safe as home campus. 
However, we are working steadily to determine which programs we can offer for Spring 2021—if and when governmental advisories against travel worldwide are lifted.  If you are interested and able, I invite you to consider an abroad experience spring semester.  Or you may wish to take a short-term program in May or the summer.  

May 11, 2020

The following programs have been cancelled for fall 2020 by our partners due to COVID-19 
Australia-University of the Sunshine Coast 
Norway-UiT The Arctic University of Norway

April 30, 2020

As we enter the final days of the 2019-20 academic year, which have been consumed with news and challenges related to the COVD-19 outbreak, we look now toward summer and next year. While much remains uncertain about the future of travel and study away (including when the Department of State Global Level 4 Health Advisory will be lifted), plans for fall 2020 semester programs continue as normal in hope that COVID-19 impacts will diminish as we move into summer.

Many of Concordia’s program partners have extended application deadlines, and some have adjusted program start dates.  As information becomes available, Global Learning will contact affected students.  Students who have already been accepted should continue to follow guidance from their program.

We anticipate more detailed program announcements in upcoming months. Please check back here for COVID-19-related updates. The College will use the following sources for information as we make program decisions based upon partner and governmental updates.


Center for Disease Control and Prevention
US Department of State
COVID-19 Global Cases (John Hopkins)
Minnesota Department of Health
OSAC interactive map Asia-Pacific
Country/Program Travel information and COVID-19
Australia-University of the Sunshine Coast Australian Immigration-Student Visa
Australian Department of Health
Chile-USAC Santiago Embassy of Chile
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
China-Sichuan International Studies University US Embassy-PRC
National Health Commission
Chinese Embassy 
China-United International College US Embassy-PRC
National Health Commission
Chinese Embassy 
Costa Rica-International Center for Development Studies Embassy of Costa Rica
Cuba-Spanish Studies Abroad, Havana US Embassy in Cuba
Egypt-American University of Cairo US Embassy in Egypt
France-International Business Rennes Ministry of Social Affairs & Health
France-University of Tours Ministry of Social Affairs & Health
Germany-Federation Exchange Program Germany's Travel Restrictions FAQ
Germany Federal Ministry of Health
Germany Mission Coronavirus and Entry Restrictions
India- Kristu Jayanti College, Business Program Embassy of India 
Italy-Lorenzo de' Medici Institute Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Embassy of Italy in the US
Ireland-National University of Ireland US Embassy in Ireland
Japan-USAC Nagasaki Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs
US Embassy in Japan
Netherlands-USAC The Hague & Maastricht Ministry of Health, Wellness and Sport
Government of the Netherlands-COVID-19
New Zealand-USAC USAC-COVID 19
Norway-University of Tromso¸ Ministry of Health and Care Services
Directorate of Immigration 
VFS Global-Norway
South Korea-USAC Seoul Ministry of Foreign Affairs 
Spain-Centro de Estudio Hispanicos de Segovia Embassy of Spain
Spain-Spanish Studies Abroad, Alicante Embassy of Spain
Spain-Spanish Studies Abroad, Seville Embassy of Spain
UK-Liverpool Hope University UK-Government COVID-19 
UK Travel Corridors 
UK-USAC London UK-Government COVID-19
UK Travel Corridors
USA-Lutheran College Washington Semester


Last updated 07/28/2020