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Meet with your advisors

At Concordia, you have a team of expert advisors here to help you.

Communication with all relevant on-campus persons is important, and while we do our best to work collaboratively, it is your responsibility to ensure all information has been communicated to each advisor.

Below are some of the people you should speak with regarding your interest in study abroad.

Academic advisor

Your academic advisor is assigned to you at orientation and they are the specialist regarding your degree requirements. Working closely with your academic advisor helps to keep you on track for graduation. They advise on course registration and may assist you with course selection. When it comes to study away, they are an essential partner in keeping you on track for graduation. Meet with them early and express your interest in study away. Here are some Questions to ask your Academic Advisor to help get the conversation started.

Study away advisor and peer advisor

Peer advisors and the study away advisor is the specialist for how to study away on a faculty-led, short-term, semester or academic year program. They can assist with finding the best programmatic fit for your off-campus goals. In addition to assisting with the application process and pre-departure preparations, they will help to ensure your Concordia student status is maintained throughout your study away experience. If an issue arises while abroad, your study away advisor is your point of contact back at Concordia. Meet with the study away advisor well in advance of your application deadline.

Faculty program leader

Going on a short-term (interim break, May or summer) program? Your main source of program information will be the faculty program leader. Meet or connect with the leader for program details, application requirements. Faculty leaders will host program pre-departure meetings. These meetings keep students informed on program changes and provide important information for program participants.

Financial aid advisor

The financial aid office is essential for all students who receive Concordia financial aid. Meet with them to understand how your financial aid will apply to program costs. Do not assume when it comes to your finances. Not sure what to ask? Use these Financial aid questions to get the conversation started.

Other advisors

Are you an athlete?
An international student?
Do you work in resident life or are you involved in student government or other leadership roles on campus?
Are you in choir or a musical ensemble?

Talk to all relevant advisors and stakeholders, and share your plans. Ask questions of how studying away will impact your current status in those roles. Ask about resources or things you should consider as you explore study abroad.